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Fashion Beauty Panel: How to Wear Glitter for NYE

This week for the Fashion Beauty Panel challenge we are assigned to play with glitter and naturally I decided to try one of 2015’s most popular beauty trends: glitter roots. 
NYE is all about glitter and what better way to stand out and take it to the next level than by glittering up your hair? I might also add glitter is a great way to glitz up hair you might not have time to wash  due to running around or taking too long on your make-up. 

I like to prep my roots with a bit of argan oil, this step will make sure the glitter will come off during washing with ease. Next I mixed craft and nail glitter in abowl with some liquid hair gel after which I painted the mixture onto my greasy roots and then proceeded to style me hair. I have two styles to share with you today, an easy top knot and a high pony. Both styles are easy to do and the glitter only takes them to the next level. 
Products used: Carina Sweet ea Alcohol-Free Styling Gel, Craft Glitter, Yves Rocher Nail Glitter, Nourish Organics Replenishing Argan Oil

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