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Essence Vintage District: Shopping @ Portobello Street Gel Eyeliner and It’s Pop-ulart Blush

      I know this collection came out a while ago, but I only stumbled upon it today, at my local Pharmaprix. Pharmaprix is Shoppers Drug Mart for the rest of you Canadians. They like to rename everything here in Quebec, sometimes with funny names like Pharmaprix.

      The two things that caught my attention were a cute blush and a gel eyeliner.

I have heard good things about Essence Gel Liners in the past and this was the perfect opportunity to test them. The colour is goooorgeous. It actually reminds me of Lancome In Love Jade Green eyeliner that came out this spring. I fell in love with that colour when I first saw the Emma Watson promo picture. Epitome of summer make-up. Call me cheap, but I didn’t have the heart to dish out 25$ for an eyeliner I’ll use a few times, so I passed on picking it up. Well I got my fix with Shopping @ Portobello Road. The pigmentation is very good, being opaque in a single swipe. The product “sweated” a bit, and I advise removing that first layer and getting product from underneath. The top layer proved to be too slippery and creamy and ended up traveling on the lid. Don’t be greedy like I was, one coat or two will deliver results! The colour itself is a bright turquoise. I would use a base underneath it and even setting it with a powder to increase longevity. It did not last long on the waterline, it started fading noticeably after about an hour. I also tried it all over the lid and was happy to see it didn’t crease right away on it’s own and everything creases on me!
Overall, I love the color and for 3.99$ I’ll make this product work. I will keep experimenting with it, I hope to find ways to make it longer lasting. The product come with a brush, which while it doesn’t work well for applying eye-liner, makes for a great lip brush.


It’s Pop-ulart caught my eye with it’s cool design and shiny overspray. Sometimes I’m like a bird, I see anything shiny or sparkly and I go ga-ga. In a way this blush reminded me of MAC’s My Paradise. The overspray is the overspraiest oversrpay I have ever seen. Literally, in one swipe you remove it. This is not a bad thing, the design underneath it a buttery reddish shade of blush. The base is a soft peach blush, more powdery in texture. The base reminds me of MAC’s Peaches. Swirled together the colour is a darker peach, I could see myself reaching for this when I get darker. The pigmentation was surprisingly good and it look nice on the skin. It had a sort of luminosity to it and it sat well on top of my foundation. Great blush for heavy handed people. Great blush for the price.

 And this is me wearing the stuff, never mind the hair, it was a lazy Sunday for me.

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