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Essence Plump no Clump! and Lash Princess Mascaras Reviews

The newest mascaras to come out from Essence are Plump no Clump! and Lash Princess. In Canada both should make an appearance sometime this month.

Let’s start with Lash Princess shall we? The packaging  has a very Anna Sui vibe to it, the design on the cap having a rubbery feel to it which makes it easy to hold and to get a good grip. The brush is described as a “shaped cobra brush”. The formula is pretty wet and the brush picks up enough of it to cover all my lashes in one swipe. The brush is somewhat flat and it allows me to get in there and lift my lashes from the roots which helps give me that open eyed look. The formula adheres pretty well to my lashes and builds really nicely without clumping up or being heavy. I actually find that this mascara can look pretty dramatic if you build it enough and it’s quite easy to fan out the lashes and comb them once the product is on. I didn’t notice major flaking (a few specs here and there), it’s easy to remove and my lashes kept their shape all day long. The only downside to this mascara is that the formula started drying one month into using it, which changed the way it applied and I started noticing significant flaking at the end of the day. I can’t tell if the mascara is finished or it’s just dry; but the formula definitely changed, which is quite typical for drugstore mascaras. 

Plump no Clump has coral colored packaging and thick brush. The formula is wetter than Lash Princess’ and the brush picks up quite a bit of product. I usually have to wipe some of the excess on a tissue paper before I start using it especially with a brush this fat, otherwise it can get messy on application. Due to the size of the brush I can’t get in there at the bottom and get that lift and separation I like on my first coat but it works great when combined with the Lash Princess as it can fan out and splay the lashes and deposit even more product without getting clumpy. I’ve used this mascara longer than the Lash Princess and the formula is still going strong, if anything I find it gets better as it starts drying up a bit as it adheres better to the lash and gets less messy.

Overall, these are two great drugstore mascaras. I love love love the Lash Princess, it’s my ideal mascara and helps me achieve that false eyelash look as long as it’s not dried up. Clump no Plump is a good mascara, I like the formula a lot but I’ve never been a fan of those fat brushes (think CoverGirl LashBlast). I like using as a topper mascara rather than on it’s own simply because I hate the mess I make when I try to use it on it’s own. Both products combined however are amazing. The complete each other so well and give me the perfect lashes: voluminous, fat, fanned out, long lashes.

Essence products are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart or Pharmaprix in Quebec.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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