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Essence Oh My Glitter! Nail Polish Review and Swatches

   After the wonderful experience I’ve had with their eyeliners, I went back to Pharmaprix (Shoppers) and got a few Essence nail polishes to try out.

                                                           Here is Oh My Glitter!

   The formula seemed a bit thin in the beginning  however after a second coat, it totally transformed. The polish had this sort of gel consistency when it came in contact with the first layer, it became considerably more opaque. Add a third layer and you have the most amazing,  light purple polish with subtle pink shimmer.

   It wore well, about five days with minimal chips and tip-wear, but I also use a top coat.Removal is a bit tricky, as it is with most glitters. Just soak cotton pads in nail polish removal, place them over the nail, let them sit for a couple of minutes and then start the removal process. It’s much easier than trying to wipe it off right away.

                                                                     ~1st Coat~

                                                                       ~3rd coat~

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