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Essence Get Big Lashes and I Love Extreme Mascara Review and Swatches

     I’ve been having a love affair with Essence ever since we got them here in the Great White North and the latest items I tried from the brand were a few of their mascaras.
     Today I give you the two most popular mascaras from the brand: Get Big Lashes and I Love Extreme.

     I have the waterproof version and despite not being a fan of water resistant formulas in mascaras, I like this mascara. I actually went swimming with it on and it stayed on well. It did clump after a while in the water but it wasn’t runny nor did it smudge. I like this mascara a lot. The brush is very dense and it flares out and builds volume nicely. I find this mascara is great to achieve a natural, yet voluminous and flared out lash. No drama, great for day wear. Very nicely, actually. Once it dries it doesn’t budge and it removes easily with a make-up remover.

      This mascara has gotten a lot of hype on the internet which is what compelled me to buy and try it. Unfortunately it disappointed, as I expected much more from it after the raves and reviews it got on youtube. The brush is thick and it deposits way too much product. You really need to wipe it and make sure the bristles themselves are flared out unless you want to end up with clumps of lashes and mascara. If I am patient enough with it and use a spoolie in addition I do get great lashes. The pigment is rich and black as night and the formula is wet and buildable, just how I like it. I can easily build up 2-3 coats and get really dramatic lashes that last reasonably well through the day.
 Overall, it’s a good mascara and I find myself reaching for it when I have the time to make it work.

I liked both mascaras. Essence continues to impress me with it’s products, despite their low prices. Definitely worth checking them out.

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