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Dr. Jart+ Silver Label BB Cream

I am in love with BB Creams, this new concept of make-up so popular in Asia for years. It is just beginning to hit North America, and like a self respecting beauty junkie I jumped on the BB cream wagon and tried to find out what they are all about.

Dr Jart’s Silver Label BB Cream has an SPF of 30, claims to be whitening and “rejuvenating”.
The colour is fairly light and with a neutral undertone. Not too pink, not too yellow. I am a NC 20 in MAC, which is considered light, the cream was a close match to my complexion.
The texture is dense. Its quite a thick cream and not the easiest to apply. I tried applying it with my fingers but that didn’t work out very well, as it’s hard to spread it out nicely. I switched over to a regular synthetic foundation brush, which went a bit better, as long as I used short’ “stiff’ strokes. I still had some streaking and difficulty spreading out the product nicely.  I have also tried a stippling brush, which seemed to go better, achieving a more natural look, but still, it wasn’t the easiest to apply.
I did use my Dr Hauschka Melissa day cream prior to using the BB Cream, which, to me is the best cream to use pre-makeup. I still need that bit of hydration, especially with this cream, as I didn’t find it moisturising at all.
The BB Cream, being neutral managed to neutralise my skin, areas of redness, blemishes etc… The coverage is excellent. It’s on the medium-heavy coverage side and this stuff can hide everything. I didn’t need a concealer or corrector. I simply used a concealer brush to use the same cream over blemishes and imperfection and it worked fine. Under my eyes again, it slides nicely and neutralised my dark circles. I wouldn’t replace my salmon toned concealer for this but it worked fine.
The cream made me look flawless, similar to the results you see in ads for BB creams. However, it did make me look fake. Its too much. It feels and looks heavy. My coworkers commented numerous times how doll-like it looked, which isn’t necessary a good thing. It looked too white and the finish was nothing like, well, what skin looks like. Nowadays I am more into light foundations, that enhance the skin, look natural and have medium coverage rather than mask and cover everything. This BB cream looked and felt heavy. It didn’t enhance my complexion, it changed it completely, which is not what I was going for.
I didn’t have to set it with powder, and although I have a combination skin, I had no problems with shine, not even towards the end of the day. I did notice some fine lines seeping through, on my forehead, around the eye and mouth area, and had to blend them through the day.
Removal was okay, but not easy. This stuff really adheres to skin, but with a oil based cleanser or olive oil in my case, I managed to get it all off. I got no breakouts or clogged pores, but my skin didn’t particularly feel great with it on, due to the heaviness and cakiness. Maybe it was just discomfort, but I felt weird wearing it.
The colour selection is very limited, which is a huge minus as a lot of people will simply cannot use this product.

Overall, this BB Cream is not for me. Its too much. I guess I am not comfortable looking that perfect.
In Montreal you can get it at Korean Cosmetics.

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