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Dr. Hauschka Montreal Spa Experience

Last week I had privilege to go and experience a facial at the Dr. Hauschka Spa, located downtown Montreal. I am a long time lover of Dr. Hauschka skincare but I was always fascinated with the philosophy the brand has, how they respect nature and how every product is so well thought out. If I know one thing is that you don’t just slap Dr. Hauschka stuff on, using their skincare line feels almost like a ritual to me, a ritual that needs to be adjusted to your skin and its needs.

Enaam Takla is the owner of the spa, an esthectician for over 34 years, we have her to thank for having access to Dr Hauschka in Canada. She started working with the brand years ago and it was love at first sight for both her and her customers. She saw how amazing the Dr. Hauschka treatments work, the it treats the skin while respecting it’s integrity and she’s been loyal to the brand ever since. Now you can experience a Dr. Hauschka treatment all across Canada and you can get their products at any Shoppers Drug MartMurale and health food stores. It was so inspiring to see Enaam have a spark in her eyes when she talked about the products, the brand and the journey that led her to Dr. Hauschka. It was inspiring to see how passionate she is about what she does and it shows. Just looking at her it made me swear loyalty to the brand, her skin looked flawless.

I had the lovely Carole welcome me and give me the Classic Treatment, the original Dr. Hauschka signature treatment, recommended for every skin condition. Carole examined me skin and determined what masks and products she will use for my skin.

The treatment beginning with a warm sage bath which is meant to ground you and activate your lymph circulation. Then she massaged my arms and scalp to help balance everything out. The facial was sublime. Lots of compresses infused with essential oils that send me into the deepest state of relaxation I’ve experienced. I remember sitting there trying to make mental notes of what I was feeling and smelling so I can describe the facial step by step but it’s all a blurr now.

 I remember Carole’s soft hands gently pulsating my skin with what I recognized to be their famous Cleansing Cream then, more compresses, a soft lymphatic massage of the face, a mask, more compresses, another mask, massage of the neck and decollete … it was pure bliss. When the facial was over and went to check my skin out in the mirror I was not only amazed at how bright and awesome my skin looked but at the fact that I could not stop smiling. All those essential oils did a number on me and turned me into this light, smiling, happy person the complete opposite to my usual fidgety, anxious self. The freezing January weather didn’t bother me all day, work didn’t seem as stressful, annoying people didn’t get to me… it was truly amazing. I need a prescription for this treatment.


The Dr Hauschka Spa is located at 1444 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, MontrĂ©al, QC H3G 2S8 (514) 286-1444 . I strongly encourage you go and get a treatment with an esthetician and take advantage of their expertise to see what products are suitable for your skin and learn to use them correctly. You won’t be disappointedWhile you are there check out their natural make-up selection, I am digging the packaging and limited edition collections.

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