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Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream Review

I am convinced Dr. Hauschka uses some sort of magic in their products. I have always had a thing for cosmetic ingredients and like to read labels and figure out what and how each ingredient does. It’s kinda like math really, and everytime I discover a new formula or an intriguing mix of ingredients I am anxious to try it and see if it lives up to my expectations. And most of the time I’m spot on. I know by now how my skin will react to certain products, I know which exfoliator will work better for me,  what oil I preffer on my skin and which acne treatments can help me surpass eventual breakouts.

At a first glance the Dr. Haushchka Cleansing Cream seemed a nice, plain, simple, natural product. Ingredients you can pronounce, ingredients that make sense: sweet almond meal as the main gentle exfoliant, Calendula, St John’s Wort, to soothe and calm, almond oil to hydrate… 
Dr Hauschka had a whole philosophy on how to cleanse your skin, you can see it explained here.
They don’t want you to scrub you skin like it’s a “bathroom floor”, as they say. Using this press and roll technique you can gently massage and exfoliate skin while stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood flow without irritating the skin. I applied it just like in the instructions and tried to pair it up with their entire skin care line for optimal results. 
The cream cleanses very well. I do remove my makeup with olive oil or their Cleansing Milk, to strap my skin of my first (heavy) layer of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick…. I need something heavy duty to get all that off before I can actually cleanse the skin itself. 
The beauty of this product is that it’s incredibly gentle. It’s a soft paste that smells incredible and when using the above mentioned cleansing technique you can literately see how your circulation gets activated. After washing it off, the skin is super soft and hydrated, plump and flushed, from the massage. The gentle formula manages to clean the skin and leave it soft and supple. It feels great, and I am just starting to realise how harsh all those comercial cleansers have been to my poor skin before.
Somehow I feel Dr. Hauschka managed to revolutionize my skin care routine. It teaches me you don” have to scrub and aggress your skin on a daily basis, in order to “discipline” it. A gentle approach can be very effective in dealing with skin problems (of any kind) while nourishing and protecting your skin. Their Normalizing Day Oil is another interesting item that follows that philosophy of balancing and nourishing the skin. Very interesting.

Overall, this is an excellent product, as I have come to expect from Dr. Hauschka. A gentle and effective cleanser, that managed to put my skin back in balance, a balance I wasn’t quite aware of yet.

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