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Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment Review

Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment Review

The past two weeks have been a little hectic for me, I’ve been travelling across the country for work and a mini vacation and while the time off managed to help me unwind the change in climate and flying took a toll on my skin. I left chilly Montreal for a humid, warm British Columbia and I time traveled into summer when I came back home to stuffy, hot weather.

 Whenever I travel my skin tends to breakout and this time was no exception. Today I want to talk about a product that pretty much saved my skin during this vacation, the Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment. This cream absorbs into the skin right away and features breakout fighting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, soothing Lavender and Camellia Sinensis, Licorice and Cucumber. I used this bad boy every second night while I was travelling alternating with a hydrating mask or oil to keep my confused skin in check and keep my skin clear. I tend to get enlarged pores on my cheeks and around my nose area as well as clogged pores around the jawline and I found one application managed to soothe any redness and pretty much left me with clean, smooth skin. I used this bad boy so much I am halfway through the bottle three weeks into using it but it’s well worth it given that it pretty much made the transition to warmer weather such a breeze and it’s the first year I welcome summer with clear skin. 

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