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Demeter Customer Blend. Lavender, Sunshine and Wet Garden

Demeter Customer Blend. Lavender, Sunshine and Wet Garden

Lately I’ve been really getting into fragrances and experimenting with layering various products together to help create my own custom scents so I was pretty stocked when, as part of the Canadian Beauty Blogger network, I was sent a Demeter Kit that meant to be mixed and personalized. 

The kit features three different fragrances and a spare, empty bottle, a funnel and a variety of stickers meant to decorate your own custom blend. The three fragrances I got were Sunshine, a warm sweet scent with a hint of vanilla, Lavender, a clean, fresh and soft lavender and Wet Garden and soft, earthy floral scent. The three mix surprisingly well together, the free spirit that I am I didn’t really measure anything but rather just poured the three perfumes away little by little and mixed until I was content with the end result which to me, smells like a spring day. The warm notes of Sunshine hit you first, the warm vanilla pulls you in and is followed by the crisp Lavender and the fresh earthiness of the Wet Garden. The fragrance is light and soft and easy to wear, I find it perfect for a coffee run or just a casual work day, the mix is light and playful and proved to be quite a crowd pleaser among my coworkers. The downside is that like most cologne sprays these fragrances and blend fade quite quickly on my skin and have to be reapplied midday. The vanilla lingers behind nicely tho. 
One thing is for sure, I am intrigued by Demeter and their clean yet amazing scents and I can’t wait to get my hands on more scents from them. Any suggestions?

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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