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Bombshell is the newest addition to the Covergirl mascara family and it immeditately drew me in; it`s two step mascara that promises both volume and length which is pretty much all I want in mascara.

volume mascara

The packaging is quite bulky, it`s huge actually. This has to be the biggest mascara I have ever seen and it can be quite annoying to travel with or carry around. That being said, I love that it`s pink and despite it being sturdy it`s not a quality I look for in the packaging of a mascara. I find it`s quite hard to manipulate, especially since the length of the actual wands is on the short side, similar to a mascara sample.

The mascara has two heads, labelled 1 and 2. The first head has short rubber bristles and it reminds me a lot of the Covergirl LashBlast. This first step is supposed to deliver volume and it kinda does just that. The formula is a drier cream, again, very similar to LashBlast, which I was never particularly fond of. I just doesn`t work well with my lashes. I can get a decent flare and I can get the lashes covered but I need to put in some serious work to get mediocre results.

Head 1- Volume

The second head is more of a traditional mascara wand, tapered and the formula is slightly wetter. This step is supposed to give you length and the wetness of the formula does allow coating lashes from root to tip, giving the illusion of length. I like that. What I don`t like is that the two step process is hard to master. It`s very easy to get carried away and end up with spidery looking lashes. The second step dries quite fast making the whole manipulation of the product on the lash situation harder and it`s very prone to build up. Not pretty. I have used this mascara on and off, determined to master it and make it work for me. I want bombshell lashes godammit! After getting the hang of it, I can get a decent looking lash, with both volume and length and well, I am not known for subtle looking lashes.

 Head 2- Length

The mascara does wear well, I`ve had no issues with smudging or flaking and it holds a curl pretty well through the day.

Step 1

Step 2

The worst part about this mascara however is the removal process. I am not sure if it`s waterproof but boy, is it a pain to take off. I usually have to soak my lashes in oil and eye make-up remover to manage to get the bulk of it off. I say the bulk of it because this bad boy never really removes completely. After a long session of rubbing my eyes with a shit ton of eye makeup remover I am usually left with crispy lashes as a thin layer of product still stays on. No matter what!
The culprit is the step two of the mascara. I have no idea what kind of wicked formula it is but it`s an absolute nightmare to get off. I`ve had my sister try it out to confirm that it`s not just me.

Overall, Bombshell is a pass. It`s a bad mascara, plain and simple While the results can be okay, while it wears well and doesn`t flake, the bulky packaging, the weird design with the short wands, the difficulty level of application and the nightmare of removal makes it a bad mascara in my books.

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