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Consonant Skincare Natural Sunscreen: Matte Finish SPF15 and The Perfect Sunscreen SPF30 Review

      I was never a fan of sunscreen. I like to live in the moment and every summer I basked in the sun and roasted my skin to a nice golden tan with no mercy and no consideration for the future or for the damage I might have been causing my skin. I wanted to tan and basta!

     Well, I don’t know if I’m getting wiser now that I’m getting older but… I am slowly starting to treat my skin with more care and among other things, I adopted certain anti-aging prevention habits, one of them being considering wearing sunscreen.
     Why considering? I am not a fan of chemical sunscreen, and I invite you guys to google and do research on the pros and cons on it. I have been experimenting with different brands of natural, physical sunscreen and have been left disappointed with most products I tried. The most popular forms of physical sunscreen include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The main problem with these two ingredients is that they leave a white cast, think of Penaten, and are a b!tch to blend into the skin. Some companies try to overcome this issue by adding a lot of oils to moisturize and help make the product more manageable but now you have to deal with a greasy and often sticky sunscreen.

       I was sent these SPF containing products from Consonant and honestly I didn’t give it much thought, until I had to spend a whole day out in the sun and had to resort to using them; before I knew it I found myself with two new staples in my summer routing and never looking back:

The Perfect Sunscreen SPF30


     This is a mica tinted sunscreen. The texture is rich and creamy and it’s very hydrating once applied to the skin. I had no problem spreading it or working it in and I loved how rich and moisturizing it felt once on. It felt a bit tacky while on, imparting a subtle glow to the skin. I actually love this characteristic of the product as it makes for a great make-up base. I definitely notices my foundation not only looking better but actually lasting longer. My skin reacted very well to the product and I actually enjoy the fact that it has no fragrance. Funny enough,I caught my sister, who can;t be bothered to wear any make-up, sneaking into my room each morning and using this stuff. She later admitted to loving how it minimized redness, hydrated and of course, loved the natural SPF.
Absolutely lovely product! 

Natural Matte Finish SPF15

      This is a pretty basic all natural SPF moisturizers. It has a very light formula, that blends and absorbs quickly into the skin and once again, no once reside whatsoever. I was kind of amazed at how nice and lightweight this moisturizer was, given my past experience with natural sunscreens. It has an almost lotion feel and it dries completely matte while leaving skin soft and hydrated. It works really nice for oily skin and  hold well under make-up.

      Overall, I am a convert. I mean, with products like this how could I not? I am at ease using both sunscreens, they are natural, mineral and much safer than conventional ones, and they perform surprisingly well. Simple yet beautiful products!  For now, this is the only sunscreen I use. Period.

       Definitely a must have for summer! .. actually I like the Perfect Sunscreen so much I even use it at night under foundation. 🙂

In Montreal you can find the products at Boutique Etiket.

Disclaimer: products provided for consideration. This does in no way influence my opinion and review.

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