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Clean and Clear Advantage Plus 3 in 1 Cleanser

I used to use this cleanser, back in the day, when it was packaged and sold under a different name and look, and I always come to it to help me save my skin.
Now I am not entirely sure if the old one has been officialy been replaced by the new one… but I cannot find the older version in stores, the ingredients are the same, the texture and performance are also very similar. I might be wrong, but this review applies to either product.

The cleanser is creamy and white and has a quite strong minty smell. It feels cool and minty on the skin, but I find it refreshing. The active ingredient in this is Benzoyl Peroxide 5%. To the touch it feels slightly grainy, and although the particles are virtually invisible, it manages to finely exfoliate the skin.
To give you a bit of background on my skin, I have combination (T-zone oily and cheeks on the drier side) but I do get occasional breakouts (stress, make-up, hormones) and have mostly hormonal acne troubles (jawline and back); but I would have to count myself lucky as generally my skin is clear and I rarely suffer from true breakouts.
I don’t use this product daily,since it tends to dry up my skin and make it flaky and slightly uncomfortable. Therefore, I found this product to suit me best when used every second day for most of the time. I also don’t use this product all the time as part of my regular routine, as I find it to be less effective as my skin seems to get used to it. I use it mostly as a treatment, when my skin is really acting up, usually during change of seasons, and need a lit extra to quiet it down and keep it under control. This product performs phenomenally in clearing out little bumps I get alongside my jawline (biggest problem for me), and keeps the rest of the face clean and clear (ha!). I apply it on a clean face, usually after I have removed my make-up and like to let it act for a couple  of minutes. Sometimes I would even spread it everywhere, face arms, back and let it act as a mask. It’s great if you suffer from occasional breakouts and helps unclog pores.(especially useful during summer times when I sweat a lot, and I start getting little breakouts everywhere, or to ensure my back is clear as conditioner residue can give me break-outs). After I finish a bottle I don’t find I need it any more, not right away anyway. I would give it another go in a couple of months, when I would need it again. But then again, that’s me, and my skin. It’s always good to observe how your own skin reacts to products and don’t be afraid to experiment and play with products. I almost never follow instructions, but rather choose to listen to my skin. If a cleanser is too harsh, then I won’t use it daily.

Overall this is a great product, that I have relied on for many years.
 It helps clean the skin, unclog my pores and keep breakouts at bay. I like to use it as a treatment, every couple of months, as I found my skin can get used to it.

LE: I actually figured out that both listed products exist, the main difference being in the fact that the Silver one has tiny micro-exfoliating particles, where as the Purple one is creamy. Ingredients are the same, and I found them to work the same as well.

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