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Clarins Sunkissed Summer 2016 Make-up Collection. Review and Swatches

Clarins Sunkissed Summer 2016 Make-up Collection. Review and Swatches

Clarins always puts out amazing summer collections and this year was no exception. The new Sunkissed Summer 2016 summer release features their iconic Bronzing & Blush Compact bronzer, Fix’ Make-up, Radiance Plus Golden Glow Bronzer, Waterproof Eyeshadow, Double Fix’ Mascara and Instant Lip Comfort Oils. I have a few of the items to share with you today and give my thought and opinions on after playing with them for a few weeks.

The Bronzing and Blush Compact Bronzer is the star of the release for me, I was instantly attracted to the lovely, sturdy compact that houses a few shades of bronzer meant to be worn individually or together to help give you that summer glow. There are four shades in the pan, a light coppery beige and a warmer one along with a shimmery cool toned bronze and a soft peach shade in the middle. You can dip your brush is each shade and contour and bronze or just swirl your brush in all colors to warm up the face. The powder is very finely milled with a soft pigmentation allowing you to deposit a touch of color and build intensity gradually, the powder is very smooth and glides onto the skin making it easy to blend and sheer out. I tend to use this product as an overall blush/bronzer, but I do find the color to be a tad too warm for my complexion(NW 20ish for reference) and can’t really contour with it unless I take the time to take a smaller brush and grab color form the individual bronze shades on the sides. If I pay attention and am light handed to overall result can be quite glowy and natural when I use the powder as a whole. On days I do have more time on hand I enjoyed using the cooler toned bronzers to subtly carve out my cheekbones and loved using the middle shade to add a pop of color to my cheeks, the shade is a fabulous soft peach that complements bronzed skin beautifully.

The two products I was nervous about trying were the Waterproof Eyeshadows in Golden Sand and Copper Brown, simply because I suck at using cream products. I made it a point to play with these until I get the hang of them and I found the key to working with these types of cream shadows is to use the smallest amount and gradually built up the pigmentation. Applying the product in thin layers with fingers, wait for them to settle and with a brush go n and add product where you want to build intensity. The shadows are gorgeous, richly pigmented they don’t need a base and stay put all day long.

The Fix’ Make-up setting spray comes packaged in a stunning glass bottle that deserves a spot on your vanity. The spray comes out in a rose scented mist that’s so fine it won’t disturb your make-up while refreshing it or helping it get set.

The Double Fix’ Mascara is your new BFF during these hot, sweaty months acting as a sealant for your brows and mascara, waterproofing them. The mascara is a clear gel that help keep a curl while protecting you from any water damage during rainy days, sweaty workouts or a dip in the pool.

Another favourite of mine, the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector has been released in three new shades, Pink is the one I got to play with and it’s superb. The formula is tinted, a gorgeous pink that leaves the lips plush and soft and ads a soft layer of color. I’ve loved this formula for years, I love the thickness of the gloss, the rich shine it provides and how it manages to hydrate my lips while I’m wearing it. This gloss is awesome because it has a texture that can be layered making the lips look plump, juicy and kissable.

Another product I have been reaching for a lot lately has been the Clarins Self Tanning Milky-Lotion. I have been relying on this lotion to help me get a touch of color without the sun damage. This self tanner is relatively easy to use, I make sure I exfoliate really well and apply it evenly to clean, dry skin. The tan gradually develops so I like to do it at night and go to bed with it, waking up with beautiful, bronze looking skin. The color I get is very natural looking and lasts for a few days gradually fading. I found the secret to get the best results with these products is that less is more. Using a smaller amount will give a natural result and will minimize the risk of getting those weird tan areas or weird discoloration. In case you are curious on how it looks in action, check it out below.

Here is the entire collection in action, for the neutral lips I actually mixed a nude lipstick with the cream shadows to make a fun unique color that’s ultra long lasting. For the glossy lips I used the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Pink.

The only product I used to sculpt, contour, bronze and blush my face is the Bronzing and Blush Compact Bronzer. 

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