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Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows: Review and Swatches

Catrice Cosmetics is a German drugstore brand that recently launched in the US. The brand, much like its “sister” Essence offers really nice products at very affordable prices and I have picked up a few products from the line everytime I find myself in Europe. Now that the brand has made its way to North America I can only hope they will launch in Canada in the near future as well as they have some true gems in their range.

A few shadows I have from the line are the Liquid Metal Eyeshadows which promise an intense pigment and a silky formula that has a chrome effect reminiscent of liquid metal. The powder has a pretty looking pattern embossed that looks quite metallic and shiny. The formula is indeed very silky to the touch, a very buttery, finely milled powder and the pigmentation is definitely there. When applied there is minimal fallout and it does swatch with a pretty high metallic finish, the creaminess of the formula melt into the skin, almost like a cream. The formula is blendable and build on itself nicely. I find these shadows look that much more intense when used wet. It’s like turning up the volume on both color delivery and finish when packed on with a wet brush. I will usually apply it dry as a base color and blend it out nicely and after I gently pat on the wet shadow in key areas where I want the metallic finish to stand out. The color wears fantastic over a primer (MAC Paint Pot) and I only noticed slight fading at the end of my 10 hour work day.
All in all, these shadows are beautiful both in color and pigmentation. The range is still pretty limited but the existing colors are all beautiful and unique in their own way. A great drugstore find!

Swatches (L-R) : 120 Satina Van Der Woodsen, 030 We Are The Champagnes, 020 Gold n’ Roses, 040 Under Treasure, 090 Nougat It Right 090. All shadows are dry(L) and wet (R).

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