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Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme Review

  In a new attempt at embracing my curly hair I decided to give B&B Styling Creme a try. I need to grow it out and that flat iron is my worst enemy right now. By the time I grow a cm I need a cut to get rid of all the damage and split ends. If I allow it to air dry then my confused hair will get weird, big, frizzy and Hermione-like.
    My hair stylist insisted I get some sort of defining cream to nourish and protect the hair and help define my curls. So I got this. 
    B&B describes the product as a hybrid between a mousse and gel. It appealed to me as I can use it both on curly hair days as well when I decide to wear it straight. I will hold any style while giving you bounce, volume and hold. I can agree with every single one of these claims.
   I take a blob of the product, as recommended, and I spread it through my hair from roots to tip and then brush my hair with a wide tooth comb. Blow dry with a diffuser. BAM! Defined curls! When applied closer to the roots gives crazy lift and volume without feeling heavy or stiff.
   I am amazed at the volume, the definition the texture and the softness of my hair after using this lotion. It lasts through the day really well , through the snow and rain, humidity and wind that Montreal winters have to offer. I am happy with the product.

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