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Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure

I have finally worked up the guts to give these press-on nails a try, after hanging on to them for weeks. I`m not sure why, it could be the fact that I take pride in having long strong nails, or maybe I am still traumatized after that one time I decided to give fake nails a try (ugh I can`t thing of a more un-comfortbale feeling) or simply because the whole process of doing my nails is somewhat therapeutic to me, the buffing, the filing, the painting, waving my nails while waiting for the nail polish to dry… yeah it`s somewhat a sacred ritual to me.
Regardless, I decided to take on a different kind of challenge with these press-on nails.
I had to sort through the nails and match them to each fingernail, I set them up in order, making the application process much easier. I found good matches for most fingers except the index one, but I grabbed a slightly smaller one and filed the nail in shape after I was done.
The application process was quite easy: peel of the sticker, align with nail, press firmly, done! The glue is inside the nail and will adhere with ease to your real ones.

Unlike traditional fake nails, imPress are much shorter, much more comfortable (softer, maleable) and they actually feel and look much more natural once they`re on. They can feel awkward at times, like when I wash my hair and it gets stuck in the edges. ugh!
Do I prefer them over regular nail polish? No! Do they look fake? If you look closely, you can tell they`re not mine but the difference isn`t that noticeable. They don`t quite mold to the natural nail as well as I would have liked them to and it can be challenging finding perfect matches to your nails, despite the good selection of shapes and sizes. Another issue I have is that the remaining nails (you get 24) might go to waste as some don`t fit and I couldn`t get another manicure out of it.
Overall, I guess these were a fun thing to try, but I still prefer a classic, traditional manicure with nail polish and waving my hands and all…

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