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Boutique Etiket: Cosmetic Heaven in the Heart of Montreal

Boutique Etiket is a luxury retail and online store located in the heart of Montreal offering the creme de la creme in skincare and cosmetics.
Last week I popped in for a visit and wanted to share with the rest of ya’ll what this store is all about.

What peeked my curiosity about the store was their selection of unique brands and products. They carry Vivier Pharma, Consonant Skincare, Tata Harper, GlamGlow, Clarisonic, Goa, Kevin Murphy, St Tropezetc, with a huge emphasis on organic and natural skincare.

The store is pure cosmetics heaven on earth. I lost track of time smelling unique fragrances, playing with mineral make-up and left with a huge shopping list for unique, innovative and natural products.
The boutique is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable estheticians ready to guide you in the right direction, suggest the right products and cater to your every need. I need to put an emphasis on this, because God knows, good advice is crucial when picking out products. I feel we are bombarded with a lot of information and we have an abundance and a huge selection of brands and revolutionary products on the market nowadays, which is great! The issue is selecting the right ones for you. I took a look at my skincare stash and was surprised to see how many drugstore and a few high ends products I have that are barely used. I bought them because of reviews, I might have seen them on blogs or on Youtube or sometimes I simply gave in to marketing, only to try them and find out they weren’t quite right for me and stashing them away in drawer where they’ll most likely never see the light of day again.
I slowly started to be more selective in my purchases. Spend more on a quality product picked with professional advice, get results and use said product till the last drops rather than buying a new drugstore cream every two weeks only to end up with a skin reaction and ultimately throwing it away. *end of rant*

Simon, the owner of Etiket kindly gave  me a tour and told me of how to store came to be, how they carefully select brands and products based on their efficacy, brand ethics, ingredients and ultimately performance and results. Taking a look at their selection with my somewhat vast knowledge of skincare I couldn’t help but agree.

I can’t wait to go back to Etiket, hell, I would move in there if I could. A true cosmetic oasis packed with everything you need to keep looking beautiful.

Simon also gave me a little present for my readers: a starter kit from Recipe for Men. If you live in Canada, are a guy or have a guy in your life than needs a little TLC feel free to enter!

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 If you are not lucky enough to live in Montreal fear not! Etiket ships for free everywhere in Canada and you are sure to get the same service from their pro team!

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