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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Liquid foundation is my comfort zone. My safety net. It`s what I feel most comfortable wearing, what I feel looks the most natural, its the most malleable and it truly just caters to my needs.
Every now and then I venture out and try mineral makeup, loose, baked or compact powders but I always end up running back to my liquid foundation, whichever I might be in love with at a given time.

I am a sucker for beauty novelties, and as soon as I hear about something that sparks my interest, I need to try it. Point in case: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I never tried anything from Bourjois, although all my friends back home have been raving about it. It hit Canadian drugstores a couple years back, and although it looks cute I never really have been seduced by it, nor convinced to invest in their products. I found them pricey for drugstore and preferred to invest in high end brands for blushes and eyeshadows.

I am a MAC NC 20, so the shade that suited me the most was shade 52.
The foundation itself is quite unique, its very liquid and feel super smooth, almost silicony-like. I usually like to use a wet sponge, or a brush for liquid foundation application and but for some reason I love applying Healhty Mix with my hands. Its so sheer and light and flows so nicely I can work it really well into my skin, distributing it evenly and achieving a flawless finish.
This foundation has to be the most natural looking foundation I have ever tried. It looks like my skin but better. It doesn’t cake, it blends flawlessly, it gives me a medium coverage and has that luminous glow to it, without looking shiny. It has this satin (not matte) luminous finish! Beautiful. If I do have spots and areas that need a bit more coverage I simply conceal and correct them separately, before foundation. I like this technique, learned from Mrs Eldrdige. Conceal trouble spots rather than cake on a thick foundation that suffocates and hides the skin.
I tried setting with a regular translucent powder as well as MUFE HD powder. It helps it last a lot longer without altering the finish. The foundation doesn’t have an amazing lasting powder, but then again its winter and my scarf rubbing on my face all day doesn’t help either.
The tube it comes in is quite sleek, and the product is dispensed through a pump. The smell it has is very subtle, and didn’t seem to bother me.
The foundation didn’t break me out, it felt ultra light and made my skin look natural. I really really like it and my skin seems to be very happy with it.

In Montreal, you can get it at Pharmaprix.

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