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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution Review

Bioderma kinda revolutionized skin care an make-up removal, for me,  when it came out with its micellar solution, the now famous Sensibio H2O. It has been raved about and reviewed hundreds of times, but I`ll still do my part and share my opinion with the world.

The Micellar Solution is known for it`s ability to remove make-up, and remove it well, while toning and soothing the skin. I personally find it`s not quite enough for the many layers of products I wear, and I still faithfully complete all my make-up removal steps: wash off first layer, remove with olive oil, cleanser with a cleanser and my Clarisonic and then tone. I use Sensibio H2O towards the last steps of my routine: to remove any traces of make-up left behind and tone the skin. I love the fact that it`s gentle enough to use in the eye area, this way eliminating the need to use a special eye make-up remover and scrub traces of mascara while irritating my eye. I also find this product helps soothe my skin beautifully, after a scrub or some sort of treatment. I have also used it those late nights where, for the life of me, I cannot bring myself to properly cleanse my face. I simply soak some cotton pads in the Solution, wipe away and go to bed. My skin is clean and refreshed. The rest can wait till morning.
Overall, this product deserves it`s reputation. It`s multi-functional, easy to use, removes make-up, tones and soothes the skin in one step. In my books, that`s a keeper.

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