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Battle of the Blue Eyeliners

I`ve had this thing for blue eyeliners for a while now and naturally I couldn`t just go out and purchase one. Before I knew it I ended up with quite a stash of different shades of blue, different style of liners, different brands with different finishes and much like snowflakes they are all unique. Seriously, I don`t understand how people couldn`t tell the difference between them the days I was testing all liners and rotating through a new one everyday.

Given that bright blue eyeliners are a must have for summer, here are my thoughts on the liners in my blue stash. Yes, I now have a blue stash.

To make things easier:

1. NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue
The color is perfection. Electric blue indeed. It`s bold and vibrant and packs that punch I wanted from a blue eyeliner. The applicator is a huge disappointment. It`s one of those fine brushes that I just can`t seem to manipulate, especially when handling a color like this. I always end up getting that wobbly brush into my lashes and which makes it very hard to apply mascara afterwards. I have better results when taking my time to use a separate liner brush and apply the color with it, but the texture of the product isn`t ideal for these type of shenanigans as it will start drying and clumping on the brush. It does last long during the day, it will ball up and move around if you try to layer it on but most liquid liners do. Not resistant to water.
Verdict: Stunning color, affordable, long lasting. Must be able to manipulate applicator. I am learning.

2.Lancome Artliner 24H Bold Color Precision Eyeliner in Sapphire
It was the lovely Kristelle from CrystalCandy Makeup that gifted this beauty to me. I can`t thank her enough.
Oh my Lord, you need this. If there is one blue eyeliner you need, this is THE ONE. It`s stunning, a bright blue that dries to a matte finish, bold, opaque with a felt tip applicator that anyone could master. It`s smudge proof, water resistant and mega long wearing. The only downside is that it will ball up and get bald spots if you do try to layer it but it`s easily fixable. Love it!
Verdict: A must have!

3.Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos
The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils need no introduction. Chaos is a stunning matte colbalt with a floating pearl, whatever that means. I call it a bright blue with very sparse and slight fine shimmer that isn`t really noticeable. The texture is heaven, soft and buttery, easy to apply (no tugging necessary) and it sets within minutes. It is smudge proof, wears incredibly well all day long and it`s very waterproof. Given the fact that it`s a pencil, this bad boy is awesome for lining the waterline, one of my go to tricks for summer. 
Verdict: Worth every penny. 

4.Annabelle Kohl in Lapis
I did not expect this affordable eyeliner from Annabelle to be this stunning. I almost made me regret my Urban Decay Chaos as it looks identical to it. Minus the floating pearl. It has a typical khol texture, it`s quite rough to apply and I have a hard time getting it to glide across the upper lid to get a perfect line but works well for smudgier looks or underneath the waterline. It dries down to a matte finish and wears quite nicely given that you won`t rub your eyes, cry or jump in the pool. 
Verdict: Can`t go wrong for the price but look elsewhere if you want something longwearing or waterproof.

5.Essence LongLasting Eye Pencil in Cool Down
Ridculously cheap (1.99$) this twist up liner is creamy easy to apply and work with. The color didn`t really float my boat given that it`s darker, more muted and not nearly as vibrant as I needed it to be, but a pretty blue nonetheless. I like to wear it in the cooler months as it doesn`t have incredible staying power and doesn`t seem to last on the waterline either. 
Verdict: I can`t complain given the $2 price tag. Layer it with a shadow on the upper lid line and make it work.

 6.Revlon PhotoReady Khol in Blue Nile
Roughest texture in the batch. Application is painful and color payoff disappointing. It`s sad to go through all that pain applying it and see it fade away so fast. Don`t even think about water or swear around this bad boy. The blue and white combo intrigued me but the product never delivered.
Verdict: Pass!

7.Sephora Nano Eyeliner in Azur Blue
First of all, this little bugger is special. It doesn`t fit into any conventional sharpener. Don`t rush out to get Sephora special nano sharpener, this eyeliner isn’t worth it. Don`t be fooled by it`s creamy texture and amazing vibrant blue color (my favorite of the bunch TBH). This is eyeliner is nothing but a tease. It won`t set, that creaminess simply won`t set, it`ll stay creamy and smudge everywhere. It`s gonna be messy and tacky. It holds a record time for how little it stays in the waterline.
Verdict: NO! just… NO!

8.Lancome Khol In Love in Deepwater Blue
Now I am the tease because this one was limited edition but I really really reaaaaallllyy hope Lancome will bring these bad boys out again because the formula is PHENOMENAL. Urban Decay, take notes!
Beautiful darker but still vibrant blue, the creamiest texture imaginable, amazing color payoff. It`s almost unbelievable to see how what starts out as a smooth creamy texture turn into a super smudge and waterproof liner. Lancome, you nailed it and now I am in Love.
Verdict: If you can find it, get it! I should have bought more.

9.Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner in Rio Blue
This eyeliner is part of the new Revlon Rio Rush Collection. It’s a gel eyeliner with a lovely creamy consistency and comes in a handy little package with a tiny brush incorporated into the lid. The color is a dark blue, the consistency is creamy and it sets nicely. It is long wearing and quite resistant to water but I am not wowed by the color.
Verdict: Nice formula but a pretty standard color. 

10.Lancome Long Wear Calligraphy Gel EyeLiner in Downtown Blue
I couldn’t think of a better summer color. It’s a cooler shade of blue with a frost, almost metallic like finish. As expected, the liner is creamy and sets to be long wearing and waterproof. I always gravitate towards gel and cream liners, I just love working with them over any other sort of liner.
Verdict: Lovely shade, great formula but not unique enough to justify the price. 

Although these next two shades are not traditional blues, I decided to include them, because we all need teals.

Lancome Khol in Love in Jade Crush
I am sorry to do this again but I had to show it off. The only teal I’ll ever need. Formula is the same as Deepwater Blue.
Verdict: Until I get backups I’ll only use it for special occasions

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Tu-tu-touquoise
Price aside this is another lovely teal with a shiny finish. The packaging is great, easy to apply with a creamy texture that sets and wears quite well.
Verdict: YES!!!

Blue Liners Swatches
Blue Liners Smudged
Blue Liners Waterproof Test

*Disclaimer: Some of these products have been provided to me for consideration, some purchased by me.

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