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Avon Gel Finish Nail Polishes Review and Swatches

I returned home from my trip to a box of goodies sent to me by Avon Canada .I got the new Holiday 2013 collection for this winter (which I can’t wait to show you) along with these new gel nail polishes from the brand.

Giving myself a mani and pedi was a priority for me after a month of traveling and these polishes looked way too awesome, so of course, I got to work.

After my usual mani routine I used the new Avon Cuticle Scrub, which was a godsend for my dry and chapped cuticles making them soft and … proper.

Back to the gel nail polishes.
The four colors I have include: Envy, Royal Vendetta, Parfait Pink and Lavender Sky.

I was surprised to see how pigmented and rich the colors were on every single one of the shades. Beautiful opaque coverage in one coat. The finish is indeed rich and shiny, much like a gel polish. One cat is actually enough to get that gel look but two is better. Just make sure you allow enough drying time in between. I love the finish so much that I found myself skipping on the top coat.

The brush is absolutely great as well, being flat enough to allow for nice crisp lines and clean coverage while being thick enough to hold enough product for getting that entire nail.

Overall, I think these nail polishes are a home-run. They hit on every mark: great colors, great coverage, great finish, awesome shine. All I have to do now is test their longevity. I’ll be sure to add an edit later on with my thoughts on it.


Parfait Pink

Lavender Sky

Royal Vendetta

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