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Annie Young Cosmetics and a Brief Introduction to Ellis Faas Make-Up

     Last week I  stopped by Annie Young Cosmetics, in Westmount to check out the store and get a brief intro on a brand they carry and that has been getting a lot of hype in the online beauty community lately: Ellis Faas. Claudia Pinto,trainer for the brand sat down with me, showed me the colors, the famous “bullets” and explained to me the whole concept behind the brand.
     If you are a makeup junkie, you’ve probably heard Lisa Elridge and other beauty gurus show and mention Ellis Faas. All the make-up in cased in a bullet of sorts that can be slid in a larger cylindrical case. The idea is you pop in your bullets and you go. The case can host everything you need, in theory. You cave you foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick eyeshadow, blush, all in cream form. A simplistic concept that can easily be incorporated in a beauty routine, because let’s face it… I can’t live with just those products alone. The packaging is definitely sleek and I was giggling like a little girl when I finally got to hold and play with the “magic bullets”. Claudia did my eyes and help me overcome my fear of cream shadows. Every colour from the brand is inspired by the human body, with tones and shades that you can directly match to parts of you. Their famous red lipstick looks just like blood. Their green eyeshadow, like the veins on my wrist (guess that makes me yellow undertone huh?). It’s not only a cool concept but it makes the brand easy to wear and kinda redefines the whole “naked” trend. 

As for the store… ladies, go check it out! Annie Young offers all sorts of beauty services: from make-up courses, to manis, basic make-up application, waxing, eyebrows, hair… you name it!
They carry tons of cool brands from Kevin Aucoin, Belavance, Art Deco, to the Beauty Blender, Sarah Happ , Deborah Lippmann and tons of other skincare and bath brands.

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