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Annabelle TwistUp Lipsticks in Monroe, Cherry and Vamp

Believe it or not, these are my first Annabelle TwistUps. OMG! Why didn’t I try these before? I have three shades to share with you today and boy, are they perfect for fall!

Monroe is a warm, rich red hue, which as the name implies is reminiscent of Marilyn‘s iconic pout. Cherry is a deep burgundy and my favorite current lipstick. It makes my teeth look really white and the colour is a statement by itself. Vamp is a dark burgundy, perfect if you fancy wearing a dramatic lip. I personally prefer to wear it as a stain, I simply blot it down and end up with a perfect just had two glasses of wine look. It’s such a great way to downplay it and still be on trend for fall.

All shades are light, feel wonderful and moisturizing on the lips and have a glossy finish. I love the twist up concept, Annabelle being the first to bring it to Canada, it allows to keep the lipstick in shape and make for a precise, easy application. The downside of these products is the longevity. While I like the hybrid between a gloss and a pigmented lipstick, you pay for it in how long it wears for. I get 4 hours of complete wear, given that I don’t drink or eat during that time. The product is very prone to transfer due to its otherwise amazing formula.

Left to right: Monroe, Cherry, Vamp

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