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Annabelle BigShow Mascara Review

I got Annabelle fever. Well, can you blame me? I feel guilty in a way for not looking more into it before; I got sucked up into so many trends and high end brands and overlooked the them entirely. But I guess that only makes my appreciate it more now. Case in point : BigShow Mascara. I got it for around 10 bucks at my local drugstore , which makes me cringe now thinking of the hundreds of dollars I`ve spend on high end mascaras in the past. Most of which I still have laying around, used only a few times.
The brush is quite big and dense allowing me to build volume, lift and separate the lashes really well. I love how it deposits enough product to add drama yet it flares out the lashes nicely. The formula is not to wet, nor to dry which is ideal in my opinion. Wet mascara makes my lashes sticky and makes it impossible to build volume, while drier formulas make it absolutely impossible to build coats. BigShow is sticky enough to adhere to lashes fast, build volume yet is buildable enough to get dramatic results. The brush is not too shabby either, it’s big and dense and although it can get sticky overloaded with product at times (bristles stuck together) it can easily be fixed by wiping some product away on a tissue. Nothing to worry about.
Overall, a great mascara, dare I say, HG material.

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