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Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask Review

This is a very interesting yet simple mask. Its ingredient list is simple yet ingenious. See it all here.

The product presents itself in the form of an orange tinted, creamy paste. I like to apply it thinly all over the face  and put it on thicker on problem areas, for me that would be my jawline, where I always have acne marks. There is a slight tingle, a warm tingle in the beginning, but it’s very subtle. I leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, or until it dries and then wash it off with a washcloth. 
The pot yielded about 10 uses, that I spread out over about 5 weeks. This product didn’t change my complexion dramatically, but it definitely improved it. As soon as I wash it off, my face glows (blame it on the beta-carotene eh?). I love using this product before an event or a night out. Over the past couple of weeks I did notice certain stubborn acne marks fading away, and I am convinced this product has helped even out my complexion. 
Overall I was impressed by this product and can’t wait to try more products from the line. If you’re looking for a product to even out your complexion and give you that I-just-got-a-facial glow, well, this is it.

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